in foto: Credits for this picture and the following pictures: Imgur

When a girl moved to her new apartment, she found a kitchen with a plain and basic design. So she decided to renovate it and asked her dad for help. So, here's the result. They transformed it radically. What do you think about it?

The kitchen looked quite plain.

So they rolled up their sleeves and started renovating it.

They also had great fun!

The kitchen needed some serious work.

They knocked out the old tiles.

They started putting together the cabinets.

They bought a brand new dishwasher.

The girl personally chose her new counter top.

The kitchen still needed to be renovated.

They installed a new stove and oven.

New kitchen sink and back wall.

New appliances.

Something was leaking…

They hung the cabinets.

The job is almost done.

Her beautiful new kitchen is ready!

She made it look cozy and comfortable.

They did a great job indeed!