Think you’re KFC’s biggest fan? You can become their “Finger Licker!”

KFC, one of the world's most popular fast-food chains, has released a unique job ad. They are allowing their most devoted fans to work closely with them, performing a role they term a "professional finger licker." Being a finger-lickin' model comes with fantastic opportunities – and yes, that includes getting free chicken!

By Cookist

Since KFC was first established in 1952, it has won many hearts with its yummy delicacies and grown to become an international franchise.

They boast that their chicken is incredibly yummy, thus their famous tagline, "It's finger lickin' good!"

Now, the franchise is taking this a step further by releasing an ad for a professional finger licker that will promote their brand. The job is practically one for a campaign model, but what makes it most unique is that it is directed at their fandom.

In a tweet that was posted on February 17, KFC shared that this opportunity is open to only people in the United Kingdom.


They also stated that the method of application simply requires you to tweet them, with the hashtag, #kfcfryerme, one important reason you are the perfect fit for the job.

The ad, which was published via Twitter, reads:

"Have you ever caught yourself licking your fingers and thought to yourself, ‘I'd look decent doing that on a billboard?' Well, friend, have we got a job opportunity for you."

How cool is that!?

As expected, the winner of the contest will get the chance to eat some of the best chicken wings ever. He/she will also become the face of the company's latest business campaign.

There will be a photo shoot that will reportedly feature the winner licking their fingers in the best way possible to showcase the amazing taste of the franchise's chicken.

Although it is just a one-time gig, there is nothing that beats having your face on a billboard for a famous franchise like KFC!

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