Red Lobster started as a family-owned venture in 1968 situated in Lakeland, Florida. 53 years later and they have become one of the largest restaurant chains with over 700 branches scattered across the United States.

Here's the original story of the company's fame. Although the company is named after lobsters, it is reported that they garnered fame when they invented popcorn shrimp.

Red Lobster reportedly went viral in 1974 after introducing popcorn shrimp to their menu. The menu item became was widely appraised and soon earned the nickname, "Walt's Favorite Shrimp" after the restaurant's famous Chef Walt.

There was nothing to not love about the creation that are hand-breaded shrimps lightly fried to crispy and flaky perfection. The menu item is indeed delicious but should only be enjoyed in small amounts as it is laden in a high amount of calories and fat. One portion of Red Lobster's fried shrimp contains about 600 calories and 27 grams of fat but that has not made it any less of a hit with fans.

Till today, the tasty treat remains on the restaurant's menu and Red Lobster continues to show their love for shrimps with "Endless Shrimp Mondays," a special promo held every Monday that allows customers enjoy UNLIMITED shrimp in a variety of flavors for under $18!

Overall, you can say that Red Lobster has made a major impact on the food industry as similarly breaded dishes like their fried shrimps continue to be popular.