What do your food choices say about you? Are you a risk taker or an introvert? Of course it’s not serious science, but it’s a fun way to look at some of your strange food preferences!

1. Hot sauce, and more hot sauce

If you enjoy a searingly hot meal, its says you like to live on the edge and take risks. Spicy, hot foods set off pain receptors, which is usually a deterrent to eating them, but not for some people! They enjoy the challenge and adrenaline rush from eating these foods, and there was actually a study done on this by the Institute of Food Technologists that showed these results.

2. Gummi worms and other sweet/sour foods

Some people really crave these brightly colored sour fruit candies – especially if they feel conflicted or frustrated with life, according to Alanna Kessler, RD. Kessler is a certified dietician nutritionist in New York, and the founder of Be Well. She says that sweets are often used as comfort foods, and that those who seek out sour flavors tend to do so when they’re anxious or restless. If you find yourself craving this taste combo, it could indicate that you get overwhelmed easily, but you’re also good at returning balance to your life.

3. Always looking for new food experiences

Are you always first to suggest eating at a new restaurant, or buy new things to eat just because they look or sound interesting? If so, it could be because you’re a fearless risk taker who also enjoys playing the stock market or doing extreme sports, according to Kessler.

4. Do you always choose the sweet over the savory?

If you love sweet things, you may have a sweet personality to go along with them, according to a study that was published in the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology. The researchers found that those who crave candy, cake or other sweet stuff are more likely to be agreeable, easy-going, pleasant and friendly.

5. If pizza makes you happy

Pizza is top of many people’s fave foods list, and it is the most addictive food out there, according to a study published in PLOS One. If the fats, cheese and simple carbs make your brain melt in delight, you could also be an extrovert, says Kessler. Pizza is regarded as a great party or sharing food, which makes it a favorite of people who love the company of others.

6. You have your favorite meat-and-two-veg dishes at least once a week

Traditions help us to stay in touch with our roots, and that is especially true where food is concerned. This love of tradition doesn’t mean you’re boring, though. Kessler says that meat-and-potatoes people like a simple, uncomplicated life, with family and traditions being important to them. The favorite food doesn’t have to be a meat and veg dish, but could be any food you grew up eating regularly that makes you feel a connection to the people you love.

7. Do you hate the texture of custard, bananas, yogurt and flan?

banana bread muffins

If the idea of these foods makes you feel sick, it doesn’t mean you have an unsophisticated palate, but that you’re sensitive to small details, Kessler says. She also adds that those who are meticulous often enjoy big payoffs in their career and love life.

8. Have you tried cricket burgers, rattlesnake or escargots?

If you constantly yearn to try new foods such as seaweed salad or mopani worms, you’re an adventurous soul who loves a challenge and has a desire to learn new things, says Kessler. This is apparently true even if you didn’t enjoy eating it, as simply being willing to try an alien food shows curiosity and the desire to learn about other cuisines and cultures around the world.

9. Ice cream lovers

Kessler says that those who love ice cream often have a child-like innocence about them, or a sense of wonder. The myriad of options when it comes to cones, toppings, flavors and mix-ins gives a feeling that anything can happen, which appeals to those who love the mystery of life. If you like a cherry on top of your ice cream sundae, you like to look for little, unexpected moments of joy.

10. Grilling meat outdoors a lot

Men, especially, seem to love the primal feeling of standing outside roasting a lump of meat over an open flame, and a lot of carnivores love that feeling. Kessler says that meat lovers are often intense and serious, and this harks back to when humans were active hunters for food. They can also be aggressive, which could translate to being ambitious and a go-getter in the modern workplace.

11. You know the name of every vegetable in the supermarket – even the obscure ones

Lots of people buy the exact same fruit and veg every time they shop, but if you enjoy all produce, it shows that you like learning about food and having a healthy lifestyle. Kessler says you also take a lot of pride in keeping everything as clean as your diet.

12. Shakes and smoothies

These are the ultimate in convenience, says Kessler, and perfect for multitaskers who don’t have time to sit down and eat each food separately.

13. Chicken nuggets and mac-n-cheese

Those who love these homely foods like to remember the past, Kessler says. If you like your chicken in a takeout carton instead of coated in fancy panko breadcrumbs, you like to romanticize your childhood, according to Kessler.

14. Sushi

Sushi is portable and convenient fast food in bite-sized pieces, and those who choose it as their favorite food to go are sophisticated and open to a range of experiences, according to Kessler.

15. If you always have your portable coffee cup to hand

Kessler says that if you always have your travel coffee cup in your hand, then you’re probably a classic type A personality. These people are competitive, impatient and often under a lot of stress, but they are also organized, ambitious and great at time management.

16. Fresh-baked chocolate chip cookies

chocolate chip cookies

Cookies are a popular craving, and the sweet flavor releases a rush of oxytocin, which is also known as the ‘cuddle chemical’. Chocolate also contains theobromine, a compound that has a calming effect. If cookies are your favorites, then chances are that you are frazzled and constantly stressed out.

17. You love matcha and drink it every day

If you already knew that matcha is a powder made from green tea leaves with supposed health benefits, then you are an individual who prides themselves on being unique, Kessler reckons.