Imperfect Foods is a service that delivers seasonal, cosmetically imperfect produce at affordable prices. The company provides a convenient way for you to get your weekly supply of fresh produce.

The only evident downside here is that you have to live in a region where their services are available; this currently includes the Midwest, Northeast, all along the West Coast, and in most of the West South Central region.

What determines an imperfect fruit or vegetable?

At Imperfect Foods, "imperfect" foods are defined based on different criteria e.g., cosmetic damage, surplus or excess inventory, undervalued or lack of demand, or doesn't meet a strict specification from the buyer, usually in the way it's harvested or packaged.

Despite these, the company enjoys a high clientage, which is not limited to a particular social class because their services are very affordable.

Here's the secret to the company's success:

Although the products are not particularly pleasing to the eyes, their quality remains uncompromised. Reviews share that they are always fresh, seasonal, and delicious despite their imperfections.

There is no doubt that the company's devotion to keeping the quality of its services top-notch has won the hearts of many and so, the large number of their frequent clients.

The San Francisco-based company markets itself as a solution to the rapid spread of food wastage across the world but are their efforts substantial?

Crop scientist Sarah Taber says, "not exactly." Taber shares that the belief that ugly produce contributes to food waste is baseless since most of them are converted into other food products like jams and soups.

She also stresses that while companies that sell ugly produce improve access to fresh food and help growers' margins, they may be diverting attention and resources from community organizations in low-income areas.

Nevertheless, we can't overlook such companies' efforts since they offer top-notch quality and great convenience. During these times when it is advised that you limit interactions outside your home, ugly produce companies like Imperfect Foods will definitely come in handy.

Image Credits: Imperfect Foods