This TikTok Cat Chef Makes Cooking Look Easier Than Any Hooman Can!

Tiktok is filled with numerous pet videos, but only a few beat that of the Meow Chef, a cat that is fast going viral for his cooking videos. With cute little paws that work hard in the kitchen and killer looks, this little chef is warming hearts worldwide. The meals are far from what anyone would expect from a feline; they are special gourmet meals and drinks that will make any experienced chef green with envy.

By Cookist

The Meow Chef's TikTok username is @thatlittlepuff, a name that is now well recognized on the popular video-sharing platform.

While there are admittedly only a few people that won't love cat videos, there is admittedly only little less content that can outdo the meow chef! This cat makes heartwarming content for people by combining two import at lifestyle subjects — food and animals!

Even better, the meow chef is reminiscent of one of television's most famous animation films, Ratatouille! However, dare we say that the meow chef's meals rival the film's renowned act, Remy?

The meow chef's dishes include a broad range of refreshing drinks and cocktails like the peach over tea, mint mojito, and delicacies like steak with a side of vegetables, soups, and sandwiches.

Nowadays, TikTok has grown to become a trendsetter alongside other social platforms like Instagram, and that is most expected as sensational personas like the meow chef continue to arise.

One video of the meow chef cooking is sure to keep you enthralled and giggling at how the adorable creature chops and cooks different food items.

However, be warned, you are going to get addicted to the short videos that you might want to get your cat to cook for you — it won't be easy, but it may be worth the try!

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