For lovers of cereals, Blackpool local Becky Holden McGhee is a hero. In a series of posts she shared on her Facebook, McGhee started what may become a new revolution for cereal boxes all over the world!

She says:

"Had to share this!!! It's only taken me 40 years, but I now know the correct way to close a cereal box. Genius. It takes seconds, no more dried up cereal and ugly torn boxes to greet me every morning."

McGhee followed this with additional information that she has now added a video to help others understand.

"Happy folding! You know I want to see pics!" she said to encourage others to practice.

Indeed, the trick works like a marvel! There is no sight of spaces where air may enter to soften the cereal, and the cereal box almost looks like new again!

The technique involves folding three of the opened flaps at the top of the box back into the center, before squeezing the two long sides together.

The fourth and final flap is then folded down to seal the box and complete the unique fold. It is unbelievably simple that you'd wonder why no one thought of this earlier!

It is indeed no wonder that the method is fast going viral and McGhee with it as many take to the comments section of the video to laud her effort.

Image credits: Becky Holden McGhee