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Top 10 Famous Instagram Foods Recognised Globally

Some people think those who take pictures of their meals for the gram are annoying but believe it or not this has become a trend all over the world. In this short brief, we explore various foods that have become a norm to share on Instagram.

By Cookist

In the past, people used to pray before they dug into their food. Even now, a majority still do it. However, there is another act that has grown in popularity and will undoubtedly continue to grow — taking pictures of the food before consuming it.

It now happens all over the world and nearly nobody bats an eyelash about it anymore. However, according to, popular photogenic foods differ from place to place.

A good example is London, a place currently undergoing a pandemonium over patties. This city is recognized as the top city in the world for Instagrammed burgers.

New York comes second and Los Angeles, third. However when it comes to bacon, New York is known to have the highest percentage share of picture perfect bacon then London.


The east coast accounts for the highest rate of picturesque sushi, with LA coming a close second, Bangkok third, Milan fourth, and Tokyo fifth.

Of course, not every food was spread so thinly across the world. Currywurst is a great example. It is almost only eaten/photographed by people in Germany. In fact all top five cities known for Instagramming the sausage dish are in Germany.

Another good example is poutine, a Canadian dish prepared with cheese, chips and gravy. The pouting is mostly eaten/photographed in Montreal where it was born. You can also find it Toronto, Vancouver, Laval and Ottawa – in short, all Canadian cities.

The pulled pork is another London food that has been growing in popularity on Instagram. The capital of the city takes the top spot for percentage Instagram shares of the food, with New York and Melbourne coming second and third respectively.


It is difficult to monitor Amy regional food variations in the UK because London dominates the nation's share of Instagram users, however, one important point is that Leicester folks are particularly fond of jerk chicken. So much so that 14 percent of the UK's jerk chicken images were taken there.

To round up, here are the top ten most Instagrammed and hashtagged foods in the world.

  • Pizza
  • Sushi
  • Steak
  • Burger
  • Bacon
  • Tacos
  • Donuts
  • Ramen
  • Curry
  • Hotdog

Which one have you shared to your socials yourself?

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