Tortillas with shrimp ceviche: the recipe for the fresh and original South American dish

Total time: 25 Min
Difficulty: Low
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Clean shrimps
500 grams
roma tomatoes
Jalapeno pepper
Red onions
as much as is needed
as much as is needed
as much as is needed
Spicy sauce
as much as is needed

Tortillas with shrimp ceviche are a fresh and original dish, to be served as a main course or as a single dish, especially when you have guests but also when you want to treat yourself to a different specialty. Very easy to make, ceviche – also called cebiche, seviche or sebiche – is a typical dish of some Latin American countries that overlook the Pacific Ocean, consisting of raw fish and or seafood that is marinated in a lemon solution and spices. In the recipe, our shrimp ceviche will be the filling of a fragrant and delicious tortilla thus creating a solution that is not only tasty but also practical. So let’s see how to prepare shrimp ceviche tortillas in the best way.

How to prepare tortillas with shrimp ceviche

Put the cleaned shrimp in a large glass bowl; you decide whether to cut them into cubes or leave them whole. Squeeze the limes into a cup and distribute ¼  of their juice over the shrimps 1. Mix well and put them in the refrigerator; they will have to marinate for an hour and a half, preferably two.

In the meantime, first cut the tomatoes into strips and then into cubes 2, letting them drain a little to remove the excess juice.

Chop the rest of the vegetables as well; dice the peeled cucumber and avocado, tomatoes, red onion, jalapeno pepper and coriander 3.

When the shrimps have finished marinating, add them to the bowl with the diced vegetables 4.

Sprinkle everything with the rest of the lime juice and let the preparation rest for 10-15 minutes in the refrigerator, so that the vegetables take on flavor from the marinade. Season with salt and pepper and then stuff your tortillas with the shrimp ceviche 5.

If you like it, before closing the tortillas, you can also add a little spicy sauce or tabasco. Once the tortillas are made, serve immediately.

How to store Tortillas with Shrimp Ceviche

You can store the marinated ceviche in the refrigerator, tightly closed in an airtight container, for a maximum of 12 hours; although the fish is cooked in lemon it is always better to consume it immediately, to prevent the ingredients from absorbing too much liquid. We suggest you prepare your ceviche in advance (even 3 hours before) but only fill the tortillas when serving.

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