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Tuna and potato balls

Total time: 120 Min
Difficulty: Low
Serves: 4 people
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100 ml
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2 slices

Tuna and potato balls is a quick and easy recipe. It may turn into a tasty and light appetizer or a delicious second course to delight your guests. Just prepare this dish with your family and enjoy!

Start by boiling the potatoes into well salted water (1). Drain the oil from the canned tuna (2). (3) Place the sliced bread in a bowl with half a glass of milk and let the bread soak completely. Meanwhile, put 400 grams of tuna, the anchovies and parsley in the food processor. Add the bread and blend again.

Once the mix is ready place it in a mixing bowl, add the capers and mash it well with the remaining tuna (4). Lastly, add the mashed potatoes and mash the mix with your hands (5). Place it in the fridge for about an hour. Form little balls of the mix between your hands. Then dip the tuna potato balls in the beaten eggs (6).

Once they’re completely coated on all sides, coat them in the breadcrumb mix (7). Repeat the process twice for each croquette until the coating is crunchy. Once you’re ready to fry them (8), heat the oil in a cast iron pan. When the oil is ready, simply deep fry them up (9) until they turn a nice golden brown. Place the croquettes on paper towel to drain any excess oil. Serve still hot with mayonnaise mixed with chives.


Raw tuna balls

If you have no time to fry the croquettes, then you can mix 350 grams of tuna 250 grams of cottage cheese and chopped parsley. As a coating, use chopped nuts such as hazelnuts, pistachios or walnuts. Besides being raw, these balls are also gluten-free and egg-free, so they’re ideal for all your guests.

Diet-friendly tuna balls

For delicious yet healthy tuna balls, you can follow the raw tuna balls recipe, but do not use nuts to decorate them – they have a lot of calories. Decorate your balls with poppy seeds and sesame seeds – the result will be the same, the calories will be less.

Tuna balls with olives

In addition to the capers and the anchovies, you can add chopped black olives to your mix, so it will turn even more tasty. If you’re preparing the croquettes for kids, however, do not add the anchovies – they have a fairly strong taste that kids usually dislike.

Baked tuna balls

If you do not want to fry the tuna balls you can bake them in the oven so they will be lighter while retaining their crunchiness. Then follow the recipe above, dipping the balls in the egg and coating them in the breadcrumbs once. Sprinkle your croquettes with olive oil, then place in a 200 degree oven and bake until golden brown. When baking, turn so both sides can brown.

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