Cadbury is currently screening sweet animal pictures that are entries for their annual Cadbury Bunny competition. If announced the winner, the animal will become an ambassador of the famous brand!

Lt. Dan is one of these animals. Like the competition demands, he has a photo that features him donning white rabbit years as required. His surrounding is indeed scenic; it includes a green velvet background, a plush rabbit, and Easter bunny eggs!

What is, however, most adorable about the photo is the smile on his face, which seemed to show he was excited about the shoot. This is despite the fact that he has a walking aid attached because his two hind limbs and tail have been amputated.

According to his owner, Laura Weber, the amputation was a tough decision they had had to make because the two-year-old dog was born with a "deformity" in his back paws and tail.

She, however, maintains in Dan's bio that "he has a joy for life that is infectious and inspiring!"

If nothing, his story is indeed infectious! Since he was featured on CNN, Lt. Dan has garnered himself several fans that are excitedly cheering him on!

He is reportedly competing alongside many other animals; this includes a llama, a duck, a pig, and a few more others.

Laura shares that if he wins, Lt. Dan plans to hold a big puppers party for his friends, and if not, he is just happy to have been a part of the contest.

Cheers and good luck, Lt. Dan!