Read on to know how you can use sugar to get silky smooth skin!

Body sugar or body sugaring is a process in which a mixture of white sugar, lemon juice, and water is heated up to create a thick and malleable product similar to honey. This paste is spread onto the skin in the opposite direction of the hair growth. This thin layer of body sugar paste is left to dry for a few seconds and then pulled off in the same direction of the hair growth in one smooth movement to remove body hair.

There are several benefits of body sugaring, such as;

It is chemical-free

As this body paste is made up of all-natural ingredients it is a very safe medium to enhance the beauty without the use of chemicals, preservatives, dyes, or any other skin irritants.

Irritation free

Body sugaring is safe for even sensitive skin type as it is gentle and the sugar paste adheres to only dead skin and hair grown on the skin.

Less pain

As body sugaring does not take out the living skin cells, it is a lesser painful treatment to get smooth skin.

Lasts longer

It usually takes about 6 weeks between the treatments as the sugar paste can permeate deeply into the hair follicles and up to roots, which helps to flick away the entire hair strand.

No waste

You do not have to use many gadgets and disposables while body sugaring, which benefits our environment and the planet.

Prevents hair in-growth

As body sugaring removes hair in the direction of hair growth, it helps to keep the hair follicle intact and minimize its breakage. This prevents the in-growth of hair.

Easy to cleanup

You just need to clean your skin with water to get rid of any sugar residue on your skin instead of using specific oils and jellies to clean the skin.