It is thought that the cereal will be officially released for sale sometime during the third week of August 2020. However, that hasn't stopped fans of Funfetti going gaga over the innovative breakfast idea.

On via Instagram, @Threesnackateers shared a photo of a box of the cereal and a close-up shot of the pieces, which looks like it may have come right out of a fairytale!

The cereal pieces are big, look crunchy, and speckled with little tiny confetti sprinkles, just like all other Funfetti products. As for what it tastes like, @Threesnackateers writes:

"This is a simple but good cereal. It has a really strong vanilla smell, some fun little confetti sprinkles, and a sweet, vanilla flavor."

The cereal is everything Hometown Food Company said it would be during their previous statement that the cereal will boast ofΒ  "bright colors and remaining true to the Funfetti cake taste."

The cereal will be contained in a huge 17-ounce family-sized box and will sell for $3.50 – $5.50 depending on the retailer. It is also expected to sell at Walmart, so you may just want to keep your eyes peeled for the cereal aisles.

Since the Funfetti cereal holds promises of tasting just like cake, we can already think of numerous ways to make it an ingredient for other baked goods.

Meanwhile, you can dose up on your favorite Funfetti products while waiting for the Funfetti cereal continues.

IMAGE CREDITS : Pilsbury Baking