Watermelon Juice: the healthy and refreshing summer drink recipe

Total time: 20 Min
Difficulty: Low
Serves: 8 people
By Cookist
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If you’re looking for a healthy, refreshing summer drink, then you don’t need to look any further than this Easy Watermelon Juice recipe. In this recipe, all the focus is on the watermelon—no additives, and all watermelon flavor. It’s rich in antioxidants, with no added sugars. Watermelon is packed with nutrients. It’s high in vitamins A, C, and, B, and also contributes healthy fiber. It’s also very hydrating, so it’s the perfect drink for hot summer months. It’s much healthier than sugar-laden, store-bought fruit juices.


How to make Watermelon Juice

Making our Watermelon Juice recipe couldn’t get any easier. You simply make a hole in a large watermelon (make it large enough so that your stick blender will fit inside). Stick in your blender and process until liquid. Strain the liquid (you need to do this to remove the seeds) before adding it back again. Add ice, a few straws, and enjoy!

Tips for Easy Watermelon Juice

– How to pick a ripe watermelon: Look for a heavy watermelon (the heavier, the riper it is). If it has a yellow spot on the surface, it means the watermelon spent more time ripening, so it will be sweeter. You can also tap it gently while holding it up. If it sounds hollow, it’s rip and ready to eat. You also want to look out for a watermelon that is slightly dull green, these will be sweeter.

– Can I eat watermelon seeds? Yes, you can! Contrary to popular belief that a watermelon will grow inside your tummy, watermelons seeds are perfectly safe to eat. It might actually be healthy as it adds roughage to your stool.


How to store Watermelon Juice

Store the watermelon juice in the fridge (in an airtight container) for up to 3 days. After this, it might start to become sour. If you want to store it for a longer time, you can freeze it.

Can you freeze Watermelon Juice?

If you have an overload of watermelons and want to save them for out-of-season periods, then you can freeze the juice. Simply add the juice to a Ziploc bag. Press out all the air, seal, and store flat in the freezer. Thaw in the fridge, or enjoy half frozen on a hot day.



Use a circle cutter to cut a circle in the watermelon.


It should be large enough to fit a blender or electrical whisk through.


Blend the watermelon by placing the blender through the hole.


Strain the liquid to remove the seeds.


Put the liquid back in the watermelon.


Add a few blocks of ice.


Add a few colorful straws and enjoy!


– For a more tropical flavor, you can add ½ cup coconut water or pineapple juice.

– Make your own Watermelon Juice popsicles. Add coconut water (or milk) and pour into popsicle molds. Freeze and enjoy!

– This recipe is easier if you use seedless watermelons, then you don’t need to strain the juice first.

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