Read on to know if your body weight is indicative of your health status!

Usually, people tend to bother about the weight only when their physician reminds them of several serious complications associated with uncontrolled weight fluctuations (both weight gain and weight loss). This means, that both unexplained weight gain and loss can possess some sort of health risk.

So, regular recording and tracking of body weight for both infants and older individuals should be a part of the routine. However, according to the latest research body weight alone is not a very credible marker of good health. One should also get other health indicators assessed regularly such as blood glucose levels, blood pressure, and cholesterol levels to get a better prediction of health status.

Only relying on body weight as a measure of good health is not a great bet as even if can calculate the accurate body fat percentage, it is still difficult to know if that fat accumulated in our body possess any risk to our health. And, knowing about the actual location of the fat deposit is far more important than knowing only about the body fat percentage. This is because having fat deposits on your belly or tummy area puts you at a greater risk of diabetes but having the same amount of fat on your thighs or hips protects you from it.

Signs of inflammation and size of fat cells is also a major criterion to assess health status. So, it is far more important to know whether or not you are regular with exercising and eating healthy than just knowing about how much you weigh!