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What Makes The Green Kiwifruit Different From The Golden Kiwifruit?

One of the most popular questions asked about kiwifruit is regarding the difference between the two common varieties, the green and golden kiwifruit. You may already know the green variety is the most common and may even be considered, "traditional," but here are some facts about its lesser-known yellow-gold cousin.

By Cookist

"Should I buy the golden or green kiwifruit?"

"What makes these varieties even different?"

"Does the golden type taste sweeter?"

These and many more are frequently asked about questions about the golden kiwifruit. For one, this variety is fast becoming popular because it has a starkly different taste from the green kind. However, there are many more important facts about this variety that can draw you in. Below, we discuss the similarities and differences in the characteristics of the peculiarities of each variety.


1. Appearance

This is the most apparent difference between the Green and Sungold varieties. The green kiwi has a fuzzy brown skin and oval shape while the Gold kiwifruit has smooth, hairless skin that’s a pleasant golden-brown shade.

Halved, you'll see even more differences. The green kiwifruit has a green flesh with black seeds while the golden kiwifruit has flesh of a vibrant yellow color, a smaller core and fewer seeds.

2. Taste

The green kiwifruit has the typical fresh, tangy-sweet taste now commonly linked to kiwis. On the other hand, the sungold kiwi has a tropically sweet taste that some people liken to a mix of mangos and strawberries.

3. Nutritional Value

The green and sungold kiwifruit have a lot in common when it comes to their nutritional value. They are both potent sources of vitamins and minerals, making them a healthy choice for snacking.

There are, however, a few differences in their nutrition:

One serving (two kiwifruits) of the Green variety provides 90 calories, while the SunGold has 110.Green kiwis contain more potassium than the golden.Green kiwifruits are rich in vitamin C but the golden kiwi variety contains even more — even three times more than an orange!While both varieties contain a rare combination of both soluble and insoluble fiber, the green variety is said to have a higher fiber content than gold kiwifruit.


4. Ripening and Storage

The golden kiwifruit is typically ready for consumption when you buy it and gets sweeter as it softening progresses. Green kiwifruits, however, are usually very firm when purchased and should be allowed to ripen at room temperature before consumption.

To prolong the shelf life of your kiwifruits, keep them in the fridge and away from other fruits!

Now that you know the differences between the green and golden kiwifruits, which will be your personal favorite: The green, with its signature tangy taste or the sweeter flesh of the golden variety?

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