Read on to know why truffles are sold for such a high price!

We all love to consume delicious food preparations and if the food we eat is priced reasonably we somehow tend to relish it even more. However, there is a large elite section of people in every society that only enjoys food that is highly expensive and beyond the reach of normal people.

Truffles are one such type of food that is sold at an exorbitant price. There are a few reasons which make this edible fungus worth thousands of dollars even in the wholesale market.

This edible fungus is very rare to find as this wild product can only grow naturally.

It cannot be farmed, cultivated, or controlled by humans.

It takes many people to hunt for truffles in its natural habitat. Initially, pigs were used to hunt for truffles as they were good truffle seekers but pigs eat truffles, which led to the training of the dogs as they can sniff its odor to find this exclusive fungus at even difficult terrains.

Truffle is difficult to store as it immediately starts to lose water to evaporation as soon as it is dug up.

The cost of distributing and collecting truffles is way too much.