Which Is Better (For Consumption): Canned Or Frozen Peas?

Peas are small vegetables that house a great number of mineral vitamins and nutrients. They can be frozen or canned, but you may have wondered which of the two is better for you healthwise. In this article, we shed more light on the topic while considering different determining factors.

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Frozen peas are those that are blanched immediately after they are harvested and then flash-frozen so they can retain all their vitamins. Compared to frozen peas, canned peas don’t go through the same process and contain significantly fewer nutrients. It is advisable to buy peas fresh or frozen, however it is important to be cautious when using them for cooking. It is not that canned peas are terrible; it is just that the frozen ones are blanched before freezing, which preserves most of their nutrients, only altering the dietary value slightly.

Canned vegetables need to be cooked more than frozen ones because manufacturers have to ensure no microbes are growing inside the can. The cooking you do after buying them wipes out the nutrients.


This does not mean they are unhealthy. In fact, they are great reservoirs of potassium and fibers. They are also eco-friendly and make great side dishes.

With frozen food, something you should be worried about is that it may contain some quantity of sodium or any other additive. For this reason, it is advisable that you keep an eye on the label when you buy. Read it through and keep an eye out for transparency that will allow you to make an informed decision.

Well-frozen peas will contain nutrients like ascorbic acid, folate, vitamin B1, and fibers but will contain lower amounts of sugars. Fiber is important, so using peas to make a side dish you can eat with your dinner will satisfy you and keep you fuller for longer.

According to the National Institute of Health, canned vegetables and, by extension, canned peas do not contain as many nutrients as fresh peas. It is an established fact, but canned peas can still improve your diet, especially when the frozen ones are not within reach. They can be consumed without cooking or cooked, too, depending on your specific needs.

Frozen peas have to be cooked because they are the closest to fresh peas. Canned peas are processed specially, which means a lot of lost nutrients. 



Canned peas are not necessarily bad, especially when there are no frozen or fresh ones. They make great side dishes and still retain a few of their nutrients. Frozen peas are much healthier but fresh ones are the best.

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