Whipped Feta: the effortless recipe for an elegant, easy appetizer

Total time: 5 Min
Difficulty: Low
Serves: 4 people
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By Cookist
feta, drained
1 8-ounce block
Greek Yogurt
3/4 cup
Lemon zest
Extra virgin olive oil
2 tbsp
Aleppo pepper
1 tsp
Fresh mint, chopped
2 tbsp
fresh parsley, chopped
2 tbsp

Need a last-minute appetizer to serve to your guests? This gorgeous, creamy whipped feta is perfect! Whipped feta only takes about five minutes to make, so it's ideal when you need a quick yet tasty appetizer or dip for a party.

It has the perfect balance of salty and tangy flavor with a deliciously creamy, smooth texture that makes it a brilliant dip, or a spread on flatbread. How do you make a creamy dip out of such a crumbly cheese? By blending it in a food processor with yogurt and olive oil!

Whipped feta is a fantastically versatile appetizer you can easily customize. Add nuts, fresh herbs, or roasted veggies for a phenomenal dip you'll make again and again!

Whipped Feta Ingredients

To make whipped feta, you want to use high-quality ingredients.

Use a good feta cheese and high-quality extra virgin olive oil. You'll taste the difference.

Lemon zest adds a subtle tangy lemon flavor that complements the cheese.

Greek yogurt also adds a touch of tanginess while also helping to make the feta beautifully smooth.

To top off your whipped feta, you'll need some crushed pepper and fresh herbs. This recipe calls for parsley and mint, but you can swap them out for basil, thyme, or dried oregano.

How to Make Whipped Feta

It couldn't be easier to make whipped feta. All you need is your ingredients, a food processor, and five minutes! Put the feta, yogurt, and lemon zest into your food processor. Start blending the ingredients. As they're mixing, slowly pour the olive oil into the feta mixture. Keep blending until the feta is smooth and creamy.

Put the whipped feta onto your serving plate. Use a spoon to smooth it out then make a small well in the center. Drizzle a dash of extra olive oil over the top, then garnish the feta with Aleppo pepper, mint, and parsley. Serve it with pita bread, flatbread, crostini, or raw veggies. You can also use it as a dip for grilled kabobs or vegetables!


Tips for Making Creamy Whipped Feta

Use high-quality feta cheese.

If you can't find Aleppo pepper, use crushed red chili flakes instead. Not a fan of spice? Use less.

Swap out the Greek yogurt for cream cheese or sour cream for an ultra-decadent, creamy whipped feta.

If you don't have feta, you can use goat cheese or ricotta instead.

Whipped Feta Topping Ideas

Mix in optional add-ins like honey, chopped nuts like pine nuts or pistachios, dukkah, roasted tomatoes, grilled eggplant, pesto, dried oregano, basil, or thyme.

You can also sprinkle some extra cheese over your whipped feta or top it off with some roasted garlic.

What to Serve with Whipped Feta

Serve your whipped feta with artisan bread, flatbread, pita bread, crackers, or crostini. For a gluten-free option, enjoy your whipped feta with a selection of chopped veggies, fresh fruit, or potato chips. You can also use it as a dip or sauce for kebobs.

How to Store Whipped Feta

Cover and wrap your whipped feta and store it in the fridge for no more than 3 days.

Can You Freeze Whipped Feta?

Believe it or not, whipped feta freezes very well. Transfer the dip to an airtight, freezer-safe container and freeze it for two to 3 months.

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Drain well feta before you get started. Place feta, yogurt, and lemon zest into a food processor.

While you blend, slowly pour in the olive oil.

Continue until smooth.

Scoop the whipped feta onto a serving plate.

Smooth it out with a spoon and make a small well in the center. Drizzle extra olive oil over the top, then garnish with Aleppo pepper, mint, and parsley.

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