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Why Do Prices End In .99 Or .95?

There is no doubt about it, if you’ve been to a store or supermarket, literally every shop, you will have noticed that most prices end at 99 euro cents, whether it is a physical store or online. If you have ever wondered why, keep reading cause we have the answer.

By Cookist

Price ending in such a way is rooted in psychology. It is a pricing strategy that strongly influences the customer's purchase decision, since it leaves him thinking about the price he is spending and, due to that missing cent, it will always seem less.

It’s All Neuromarketing

Most companies, brands, chains, and shops are aware of this strategy and have mastered its application. It is a very effective strategy because it makes us assume that those 99 cents do not exist. Or that there is no higher price. That 99 cents would have to be rounded up and as such is not visible.

If a good is worth 29.99 it is natural for us to think that we are paying “twenty-something euros” instead of 30. It has to do with the power of 99 that is already installed in our psyche and not seeing how that first number on the label is greater.

The visual power of that number on the left is critical. The numeral on the left will always have a greater monetary value than the cents seen on the right. This is why people usually dismiss 9 and think that the first number on the left is the one that commands the price when making decisions.


What is the difference between using 95 and 99?

In truth, there is barely any difference on a psychological level. Both are created to avoid setting the price with the next number so that customers think the price seems lower. Since the 99 strategy is a much more common practice, there are some stores that go ​​for the 95 just to attract more people. Each one definitely has its advantages, however, the principle does not change: the number on the left is the most important, and it has to be smaller.

Merits of the 95 strategy:

  • It is less common and can give customers more confidence.

Merits of the 99 strategy:

  • You earn 4 cents compared to the 95.
  • It is ideal for online stores where the price can be seen in a larger size.


Knowing why prices end in 99 encourages you to apply it. It encourages customers to make that purchase without worrying about that extra cent. No, it’s not a cheating method, it’s just psychology.

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