Greek yogurt for long has been eaten as an easy to carry snack preparation or a quick breakfast item. It can be used in many preparations to nourish your body. Here are the reasons for you to have the Greek yogurt more often than before.

Greek yogurt is one super food that can be used in a variety of food preparations and is enjoyed by people of all ages. A little tart in taste and creamy in texture than the yogurt we usually eat, Greek yogurt has many health benefits and should be consumed often by everyone. Read on to know more about that.

  • Greek yogurt has a higher nutritional content than the regular yogurt. Greek yogurt is also prepared with a microbial strain but in it, the whey is removed that makes it thick and creamy in texture. For the vegetarian population, Greek yogurt is a very good source of protein, probiotics, and contain less sugar content than the regular yogurt. Greek yogurt contains approximately 22g of protein and 9g of sugar in each cup of serving whereas a regular yogurt provides about 7g of protein and 13g of sugar.
  • Greek yogurt fills you better than the regular yogurt for a longer duration of time. There are studies that support the consumption of Greek yogurt to fill you with healthy nutrients for good 4 to 5 hours at least. According to a study people who consume Greek yogurt as an afternoon snack did not feel like eating until dinner time.
  • The low fat or fat free alternatives of the Greek yogurt are extremely low in calories and contains the same nutritional content than the regular Greek yogurt. You might find a difference in the consistency of the two types of yogurt as the full fat Greek yogurt is usually denser in consistency than the low fat or fat free version.
  • Greek yogurt is extremely healthy for our digestive tract because of the high probiotic content. These friendly microorganisms are highly effective to manage constipation, IBS, diarrhea, lactose intolerance, ulcerative colitis, and Chron’s disease. Apart from keeping the digestive tract healthy, probiotics found in Greek yogurt are known to benefit our health in many other ways from preventing cancer to improving our immunity.
  • Greek yogurt is effective in managing the body weight and people who consume Greek yogurt regularly tend to stay slimmer than the ones who do not.
  • Greek yogurt can be used in many recipes as a dip or condiment, dressing, smoothie, breakfast preparation, or can be enjoyed as such, as a snack or a dessert.