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Why The Viral Cotton Candy Cloud Cake Shocked TikTok

Viral desserts have become a more common phenomenon as more people have become more open to experimenting. A new one is the cotton candy cloud cake and something about it had some TikTok users shocked.

By Cookist

The cloud cake is just like its name suggests. It feels like a cloud, tastes like candy, and is shaped like a cake. It has five layers, and the major ingredient used in its making is hand-spun cotton candy. The cloud cake looks like a light and fluffy cake, but it's made entirely from flavoured sugar. Like regular cakes, the cloud cake can be sliced and consumed with a fork or straight from your hands.

The cake can also come with rainbow sprinkles to give it an even more aesthetic presentation. It instantly became a hit on TikTok, with several people reviewing it and giving their opinions on the taste and overall value based on the price.

Why the cloud cake caused a stir

A standard rainbow cloud cake will cost you about $30, excluding shipping fees. Depending on the delivery location and preference, you can expect an additional $7 to $30 to the total. While many influencers are excited about the cake's attributes, other people are wary about the high price — after all, it's just a large cotton candy.

Some TikTok users loved the concept and taste of the cotton candy cake and believe it’s a great fit for a kid's birthday. However, other users didn't agree. Comments under influencer posts about the cake point out some of what is wrong with the cake, including practicality and its sugar content. 

Is the sugar cake worth the price?

Although it is made out of sugar, the most recurring complaint was about its hefty price tag. One commenter wrote, "It's insane people are spending this much on cotton candy smashed together."

Another echoed the sentiment, writing, "Go to the dollar store and get some cotton candy to shape into cake yourself."

You could take the advice, but the final result won't be the same. The cloud cake features five flavors: watermelon, lemon, mango, kiwi, and blueberry.

Unlike most manufactured cotton candy, this is hand-spun using organic cane sugar and natural and artificial flavors. It is also allergy-friendly and free of dairy, gluten, nuts, and soy. The cake is transported in an airtight container and will last up to two weeks if sealed properly.

Despite all that, some users still believe the final price is too much. However, as is true of most viral trends, some found the concept so fun and unique that they had no problems paying that amount to enjoy the experience.

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