Photo Credit: Charcuterie Chick Mississippi

Charcuterie wreaths are that Christmas Centerpiece that your guests will not be able to stop talking about even long after leaving the dinner party. So what are you waiting for? Hop on the charming trend!

A charcuterie wreath is basically a charcuterie board that has its components arranged to look like a Christmas wreath. Like any other charcuterie board, the wreaths will be made up of elements like cheese of all kinds, crackers, and meats.

You will also want to add other delicious bites like olives, grapes, nuts, cranberries or any fruit you best enjoy. Are you a sweet tooth? Or do you perhaps favour savoury condiments? Try adding some tasty spreads that you'll enjoy as dips for the other components.

Instagram is teeming with numerous pictures from people who have tried making charcuterie wreaths. One of the most amazing things about these charcuterie wreaths is how they have people using the most unusual food items to depict the standard components of a Christmas wreath.

Aside from the unique personalizations, the one common feature of the Christmas wreath is having plenty of greens in the form of leaves and sprigs to mimic the real deal.

Also, you can use a rectangular cutting board to build your creation. However, a round board will make the process easier and look cleaner overall.

Good luck!