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Yogurt Shortcrust Pastry: the easy and light recipe for biscuits and tarts

Total time: 30 Min
Difficulty: Low
Serves: 6 people
By Cookist
Type 00 flour
300 grams
Whole white yogurt
125 grams
120 grams
Vanilla essence
1 vial
a pinch

Yogurt shortcrust pastry is a quick and easy basic preparation, very good to make biscuits and tarts. A light variant of the classic shortcrust pastry, made without butter and without oil and with a more delicate flavor. A light and crumbly shortcrust pastry made only with whole yogurt, sugar, flour, egg, salt and vanilla essence. Once the dough is ready, use the yogurt shortcrust pastry for your preparations: it will be very soft and delicious. Here's how to prepare it in a few steps.

How to prepare Yogurt Shortcrust Pastry

Put the yogurt in a bowl, add the egg and mix. Add also sugar, salt, vanilla essence and continue to mix everything until a smooth cream is obtained. Add the flour and mix it first with a spatula and then begin to knead until a smooth and homogeneous dough is obtained (1).


Wrap it in plastic film and let it rest in the refrigerator for at least an hour (2).


Pick up the shortcrust pastry, work it with your hands and use it for your preparations (3).



The final result will be a soft shortcrust pastry but, if you want to make it more crumbly, you can add 50 grams of butter or 1 tablespoon of oil to the dough, so as to make it more similar to the classic preparation.

In our recipe we have used white yogurt, with a more neutral flavor and suitable for all recipes. However, if you want to make biscuits with a particular flavor, you can also use coffee yogurt, chocolate yogurt or fruit yogurt. In any case, always use yogurt at room temperature, as well as the rest of the ingredients.

The shortcrust pastry with yogurt must be cooked at 180° C for about 10-15 minutes, if you are preparing biscuits, or about 30 minutes if you are making a tart.

The yogurt shortcrust pastry goes perfectly with creams with a delicate flavor such as milk cream or diplomat cream, but you can also combine it with jam of the flavor you prefer.

Another light preparation is water-based shortcrust pastry, with the addition of potato starch and oil.


Alternatively, you can prepare egg-free shortcrust pastry with yogurt. To make it, mix together 250 grams of Type 00 flour, 90 grams of sugar and 1 teaspoon of baking powder. Then add 125 grams of white yogurt, 60 grams of rice oil or seed oil and the grated lemon zest. Work all the ingredients until you get a soft dough. You can use your yogurt shortcrust pastry right away without having to let it rest in the refrigerator.


You can keep the yogurt shortcrust pastry in the refrigerator for 2-3 days covered with plastic wrap. Considering the presence of yogurt, we do not recommend freezing it.

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