Here is a list of some magical food sources that do not make you gain weight easily!

For scientifically known reasons, carbohydrate rich foods shoot up the blood sugar level and all the extra sugar that is not used up by the body is stored as fat. However, not all carbs are bad news and there are some healthier food sources that can supply energy without disrupting insulin levels too much.

Fruits. If eaten in a controlled portion, fruits are a wonderful source of nutrition as a relatively small quantity of fructose or the fruit sugar does not harm the body too much.


Beans. Although this food group is rich in carbs, a good amount of fiber present in beans along with a low glycemic index makes it a better carb option to consume regularly. Beans are also a wonderful source of vital nutrients such as iron, folate, and proteins.

Oats. Rolled oats, in particular, are pretty high in fiber and low in calories, which makes it a wonderful food option that can be eaten regularly for breakfast.

Dairy. Low fat milk and low fat milk products, if consumed in quantities as recommended by the FDA will not lead to fat accumulation in the body.


Lentils. Owing to a high fiber content lentils are slowly digested by the body. So, if consumed regularly, lentils may, in fact, help to lose excess body weight. Apart from this huge health benefit, lentils are also a good source of proteins, minerals, and vitamins.

Farro. This husky and chewy grain is very flavorful and fills up as nothing else can. Even a little bit of farro is good enough to fill up the belly until the next major meal without unnecessarily spiking the blood sugar levels of the system.

Wine. Unlike the popular perception that alcoholic drinks are pretty high in calories, alcohols are digested differently than the usual sugary foods and thus virtually don’t impact the glycemic response of the body. Still, it is wise to control the consumption of wine for it to not affect the body weight.

Quinoa. It is a wonderful source of fiber, iron, and protein, which makes it an excellent food source for vegetarians. Apart from that, this nutritious seed has a very low glycemic index as well.

Brown rice. Add this healthier grain to the salad, stir fried food preparation, serve along with curries and vegetables, or as a nutritious alternative to rice dishes without worrying about spiking the blood glucose levels.

Potatoes. Surprising for many, controlled portion of potatoes when cooked in healthy oil does not add up to the side handles or bulging tummy and this starchy root vegetable is also a good source of iron, vitamin B6, and vitamin C.