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10 Common Kitchen Items You Probably Don’t Know Are Very Dangerous

Did you know that your kitchen can pose more harm to you than your toilet? This is mainly due to oversight; while the average person goes to great lengths to maintain hygiene in a toilet or avoid cross-contamination, the same person is more carefree in a kitchen, worrying less about potential accidents and microbial growth.

By Cookist

There are several places in the kitchen that can pose harm to your wellbeing. This may be because they harbor bacteria or because they can cause immediate physical harm. Some of them include the knives, sink, cutting boards and even the kitchen towel! Two important things these items have in common is that they are used everyday, and yet they are commonly overlooked when it comes to proper handling.

This renders them very dangerous as they can either cut you or harbor germs. Below, we have outlined the ten most dangerous items you should always pay attention to in the kitchen, to keep you and your loved ones safe.

Kitchen Sink


The kitchen sink is one of the easiest places for germs to hide in your kitchen. Even more alarmingly, they commonly come in contact with food, raw and otherwise, as people commonly overlook the potential danger of microbial growth.

So, always make sure to give your kitchen sink a thorough wash after it comes into contact with food. If overlooked, food bits hanging onto the surface can foster bacterial growth and pose danger to your health.



It may already be obvious but this list would be incomplete without knives. No kitchen can do without knives despite how easy it is to get knife wounds. Therefore, the important advise is to keep your knives sharp to prevent slipping and possible accidents.



If you thought your dish sponge is clean because you always use it to wash, then you are mighty wrong! According to experts, the typical kitchen sponge fosters rapid growth of bacteria and rinsing it regularly is not enough to prevent harmful pathogens from multiplying.

To prevent contamination from your kitchen sponge, make sure to wash it regularly by one of the following ways:

Microwave the sponge while it is wet. Soak it in diluted bleach for a couple of minutes. Put it in the dishwasher on the longest and hottest cycle.
Hand Towels

Next are your kitchen towels. From wiping down food messes to serving as padding for carrying hot kitchenware, kitchen towels will always be handy tools in the average home.

But did you know that this flexibility also exposes them to numerous germs? You touch them all the time – even before washing your hands, and then again while cooking. Show us a better way for bacteria to get into your food!

Air Fresheners


Bet you didn't expect this one! Although nothing beats a sweet smelling kitchen, air fresheners contain numerous chemicals that can cause lung damage or even cancer. So, instead of such artificial fresheners, keep your kitchen constantly aired out and make sure to dispose of the trash regularly.

Gas Oven


Always ensure that your gas oven is turned off after cooking or if you'll be away from your home for a long time. This includes but isn't limited to just after cooking, before you go to bed, or leave your home. This will keep you, your loved ones and even your neighbors, safe from fire dangers or harmful gas emissions.

Nonstick Cookware

Non-stick kitchen wares are admittedly a life-saver as they prevent burning regardless of the cooking process. However, science says that they can be harmful when overheated; at excessively high temperatures, Teflon can emit toxic fumes.

Meat Grinder


The third most dangerous item in your kitchen is the meat grinder. Although you may find them easy to use and indispensable, always remember to handle them with extra care. A meat grinder typically comes with a special tool to push the meat down into the grinder. The manufacturer did this for an important reason — to protect consumers.

Keep this machine away from the reach of children or pets, and during use, keep your fingers away from the grinder to avoid a trip to the ER!

Garbage Disposal


The danger of touching a garbage disposal can never be over-emphasized. The only thing that should touch your garbage bin is just that — garbage! After handling trash or in cases where you couldn't avoid touching your bin, make sure to wash your hands thoroughly and dry accordingly.

Cutting boards


A cutting board may look nothing like it but it is the most dangerous item in your kitchen as they pose dangers of cross-contamination between raw meat and vegetables. Thus, the advice to always use separate cutting boards for meat and vegetables. Also, it is best to dispose your cracked cutting boards as such tiny crevices harbor bacteria.

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