Here is a list of 10 very common condiments that you can easily prepare at home and save unnecessary expenditure of precious money.

Not many people know that the condiments we use every day in several preparations are pretty easy to make at home itself by using some simple ingredients. 4

Salad dressing. Stir together 3 parts of oil, one part of an acidic product such as vinegar/ orange juice/ fresh lemon juice, some herbs, a teaspoon of honey or sugar (optional), salt, and pepper to taste. This basic recipe of homemade salad dressing is much more flavorful, cheaper, and healthier than the store-bought ones.

Ketchup. Homemade ketchup is way tastier and healthier than the store-bought ones as it contains much less quantity of sugar and preservatives.

Mustard. A low sodium version of homemade mustard takes up the health quotient of this condiment a notch higher!

Mayonnaise. Prepare mayonnaise at your home to enjoy a tastier and healthier version, when prepared using healthy monounsaturated fatty acids rich olive oil.

Guacamole. Prepare guacamole at your home with fresh avocados to savor the health benefits of this nutrient-rich fruit.

Barbeque sauce. Cut down on the unnecessary intake of sodium and sugar by preparing this very useful condiment at your home itself.

Hummus. A simple and oil-free recipe of hummus that is prepared at home is way more flavorful and healthier than the store-bought ones.

Pesto. You can create homemade pesto by combining a combination of nuts, cheese, and herbs/ greens that are easily available at your home.

genovese pesto

Jam. Use fresh and ripe berries and fruits to prepare homemade jam with minimum usage of sugar and preservatives.

Tahini. Do not pick the pricey jars of tahini from the grocery shops anymore as you can easily prepare a cheaper, tastier, and healthier version of the same at your home itself.