Not all weight loss remedies call for skipping meals and doing the unthinkable! Here is a list of a few weight loss tips that encourages you to eat yet assist in cut down the calories.

Being healthy and achieving the goal weight is what all of us desire for. Many of us try but fail to meet that goal as some are too occupied to buy and prepare the “special diet foods” while others cannot take out time to visit their gym regularly.

Here is a list of things that you can find and do at your home itself to assist you in losing weight.

Cabbage. Cabbage is very low in calories and contains tartaric acid that helps to burn the stubborn fats deposited in belly and thigh areas. You may eat fresh cabbage as part of the salad, soup, main dish, or a snack.

Carrot. This super vegetable is high in dietary fiber and most of it is soluble fiber known as calcium pectate. So, enjoy carrots in a variety of preparations to fill your belly with healthy nutrients, lots of fiber, and fewer calories.

Cranberries. These are high in antioxidants such a vitamin C and also helps to keep a check on your body weight. Replace sugary candies with a few cranberries whenever you crave for some tangy candy.


Cucumber. Cucumber is a great source of water that hydrates your body well and fills you up with very few calories.


Lemon and honey. Drink a glass of lukewarm water with one tablespoon each of lemon juice and honey first thing in the morning to keep your bowel system healthy and feed vital antioxidants to your body.

Peach. This fruit is a super healthy alternative to unhealthy snacks! Just grab a fresh peach whenever you crave for some food in the middle of the day to cut down on the unnecessary calorie intake. It is also loaded with antioxidants and is low in calories.

Tomatoes. This super healthy vegetable is low in calories, boosts immunity, and prevents dreadful diseases like cancer and heart problems.

Jujubes leaves. Jujubes leaves are highly effective to help in weight loss. Just soak overnight a few leaves of jujube in water and drink this liquid on an empty stomach the next day.

Green tea. Sip on to some green tea to burn more calories and provide vital antioxidants to your body.

Yoga. Practice yoga regularly in the comfort of your home to assist you to lose weight, attain better balance, improve flexibility, and lead a more mentally stable life!