Being on a diet does not mean completely eliminating carbohydrates, but knowing how to choose the right ones: here are all the foods that are good for your shape!

Carbohydrates are always demonized when you are following a diet; in fact, it is believed that the less you eat them the more you lose weight, but in reality there are some foods that can help you lose weight. Therefore, carbohydrates must be not completely eliminated from your diet, but you must know how to choose the right ones.


Barley, for example, is one of the foods that can increase the sense of satiety. If you choose to boil it, you will even be able to awaken your metabolism and fight the sense of hunger.


Even the oats are a good carbohydrate for those who are following a diet, and it is often considered a "comfort food" because it satisfies an emotional need without ingesting too many calories. In fact oats, especially in flakes, not only allow you to satisfy yourself and soothe your hunger, but also allow you to avoid bingeing during the main meals. Choose it natural, and if you want to add a touch of flavor add some cinnamon.


You are not able to resist temptation? Look for the right balance: don’t take chips or fries, choose pop-corn! A delicious snack that will allow you to calm down the sense of dissatisfaction and above all the appetite: be careful, however, you will not have to add salt nor butter, just consume them naturally.


Moreover, studies have shown that quinoa helps to lose weight because it produces a very low level of fatty acids and contains twice the fibers of other cereals. Being on a diet does not mean having to give up pasta: choose it instead of whole wheat flour, rich in fibers and nutrients. With this little trick you will feel full and satisfied without gaining weight.


With carbohydrates, however, we do not mean only cereals and foods based on wheat, but also potatoes, rich in vitamin C and potassium, beans that contain fiber and protein, fruit and vegetables.