The use of protein to sustain health has been validated many times over. Eating enough protein is beneficial to boost the metabolism, control appetite, and lose body fat but not the muscle mass. Protein shakes are beneficial to supply a good quantity of proteins to the body. Here are 5 reasons to have a protein shake if you desire to lose belly fat and body weight.

Protein shakes are prepared by using protein powder with water. This is a very convenient medium to add a high quality protein to the diet, particularly when it is difficult to meet the nutritional requirements due to some reasons. There are many kinds of protein powder, namely, whey protein, soy protein, casein protein, hemp protein, pea protein, and rice protein.

Here are 5 reasons in which protein powder helps to lose excess body weight.

By decreasing appetite. Firstly, protein powder reduces the level of hunger hormone (ghrelin) and increases the level of appetite reducing hormones (GLP-1, PYY, CCK). Secondly, protein also makes you feel full for a longer duration. But, try not to exceed the daily protein requirements and 20g per shake is enough to reduce hunger.

May increase metabolism. High protein intake may boost metabolism as it helps to burn more calories than usual. This is because, a high protein diet along with strength training helps to build more muscles, which speeds up metabolism. Also, more calories are utilized to digest and metabolize proteins.

High protein diet helps to lose belly fat. There are many studies to support the role of a high quality protein diet in losing belly fat and overall body fat.

Protein shake prevents muscle loss. Weight loss programs mostly result in loss of muscles, which can even slow down the metabolism. This may, in fact, result in a quick gain of weight again after you get back to the regular eating pattern. So, it is important to combine a high protein diet with strength training to prevent loss of muscle mass and slow down the metabolism. And, consuming protein shake every day as part of the weight loss regime will efficiently maintain muscle mass.

Protein shakes prevent weight regain of body weight. Due to the effect of protein on metabolism, the body does not regain weight easily after losing it. According to a study, people who consumed more protein in their weight loss diet had lost more weight and maintained the lost weight for a longer duration.