10 easy and healthy main dishes using cabbage

Read on to know about some easy and quick cabbage-based preparations that you can serve as a healthy main dish.

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Cabbage is a very healthy leafy vegetable as it is rich in fiber and many phytochemicals, which helps to detoxify our body naturally. Here are some ideas that you can use to create delicious and quick cabbage-based recipes.

With limited time on our hands, we all wish to utilize it to the best of our ability. This brings us to the fact that eating is a necessity, and eating home-cooked meals is something that we all should do to stay healthy. Read on to know about some easy and quick cabbage-based preparations that you can serve as a healthy main dish.


This is a comforting Polish dish prepared using fried cabbage, egg noodles, and bacon.

Cabbage halibut

It is a very delicious fish preparation in which the leaves of cabbage helps to retain moisture and flavor of seasonings in the fish meat. The typical aroma of this cruciferous vegetable also helps to mask the fishy smell while cooking it.



It’s quite a simple dish in which you have to add a bag of slaw mixture and cooked rice to the cooked ground beef. Cook it all together, mix it well, and enjoy it.

Cabbage koora

Another easy and quick to prepare recipe that can be eaten like a salad. Dress it with a little yogurt to settle down its spiciness.

Corned beef with cabbage

It is definitely one of the most popular ways to enjoy cabbage. Serve it to your family as a no-fuss dinner.


Chopped cabbage with ground beef

This satisfying meal is cooked in an old-fashioned way at home by combining ground beef, tomatoes, cabbage, garlic, Italian seasoning, and red pepper flakes.

Spicy cabbage

Cook some spiced-up pork sausage with ground beef on a simmering heat in vinegar and tomato-based sauce and enjoy.

Cabbage noodles

This dish is a Hungarian classic that is prepared with onions, egg noodles, and plenty of cabbage in butter.


Cabbage soup

Prepare it with or without any meat to enjoy a low-calorie yet filling meal. You can prepare it both as a cream soup or in a light broth form, just like the way people living in Thailand enjoy it.

Yaki Udon

This Asian preparation with udon noodles has plenty of veggies, including cabbage, carrot, bell peppers, garlic, onion, and lots of boneless and skinless chicken strips in it.

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