Food trends come and go. Some ingredients stick around longer than others, and some are just outright strange. With the ever-increasing globalization of the world, we can be sure to see some interesting food trends in 2021, so read on to get a glimpse of things to come.

Kombucha with alcohol

This fermented drink has been popular for quite some time now due to all the potential health benefits that it provides. The main health benefits of this drink lie in the fact that it is jam packed with antioxidants as well as beneficial bacteria. But it is now also available with a higher alcohol content. This makes it a healthier alternative to other alcoholic drinks.


Chickpeas are in the legume plant family, and are known to be full of proteins and other nutrients. But it will no longer be limited only to hummus and other pates. It’s high protein and fiber content make it an ideal addition to all kinds  of dishes, so be on the lookout for chickpea tofu, chickpea flour, and even chickpea porridge!

Coffee in more than just a cup!

Get ready to see coffee in a variety of products outside of your regular cup o joe! Yes, we know already of coffee ice cream, coffee cake, and coffee cookies, but coffee is starting to trend in a wide range of products. Look out for  coffee bread, coffee marinades for your barbeque meats, and even beauty products like a coffee facial!

CBD is on the rise

Over the past couple of years, CBD (Cannabidiol) oil from marijuana has seen an increased use in a variety of products. Brands have started to include it in coffee, chocolates, snack foods, and even beauty products. The oil is here to stay and the supply and demand is increasing, so be sure to keep an eye out for it in other products.


Tahini (or tahina) is a well-known ingredient in Mediterranean and Middle Eastern dishes, and is gaining popularity. It is made from toasted ground hulled sesame seeds and is used a spread. It has a characteristic bitter taste, and will be featuring in more dishes this year. It is healthy, and its unique taste is sure to enhance a variety of dishes.

Seed- and nut butters

Most of us are already familiar with the likes of cashew-, macadamia-, and even hazelnut butters. Some vendors even give you the option of making your own from fresh ingredients. The next big trend, according to fundi’s, will be seed butters such as pumpkin-, sesame-, and sunflower seed. There are so many ways in which these spreads can enhance your dishes, for example as an addition to a salad dressing, a lemon and herb chicken, or even just as good layer on of your favorite sandwiches, so be sure to keep an eye out for them.

Away with plastic

Although plastic will likely always find a use, especially re-usable plastics, the amount of one-use plastic that is produced per year is getting out of control. Some organizations are optimistic and aim to have no more plastic on earth by 2030. Whether this is realistic or not is anyone’s guess. But many companies are starting to do away with plastic, for example replacing plastic shopping bags with material bags, and this is likely to translate into other areas soon.

Nostalgia is still shining

This seems to be a trend that keeps repeating itself. Whenever we are unsure or anxious about something, we revert back to what we know and are familiar with. Grandma’s kitchen, mom’s delicious homecooked dishes, stories from our youth… these are all examples of things we find comfort in when times are uncertain. Unfortunately, the global corona virus pandemic is not over yet, and be assured that many people will go back to making and eating dishes they are familiar with and find comfort in.

Eastern flavors

The East has offered so us many flavors that really inspire and enhance our cooking styles. Techniques such as macramé, shibori (pleat and bind technique), and ingredients such as sriracha (fermented chill sauce) have been with us for a while now. But get ready to see more and more of these Eastern techniques and ingredients. Some examples that are already trending include yuzu (‘n type of lemon), mochi (a Japanese rice cake filled with various ingredients, for example ice cream), shabu-shabu (a Japanese version of fondu where food is cooked in a warm broth instead of oil), and burosu (a soup that is prepared from marrow bones).

Goodbye fine dining


Most of us love a good sit down, but over the years it has become increasingly more exclusive as a result of the high prices you pay for relatively small amounts of food. Sometimes you have to book a few months in advance, and often the disappointment is as larger (even larger!) than the bill itself. More and more restaurants are steering away from this exclusivity. Moreover, the global pandemic has inadvertently forced many restaurants to rethink not only how they sell products, but what they sell. Most of our budgets have reduced in size, and restaurateurs have to accommodate that or perish.