1. Everything Gluten-Free

Unless you have celiac disease or a gluten allergy, there’s really no reason for you to avoid it. The real problem is often the other ingredients that go into a recipe, such as sugar. Many chefs don’t like making gluten-free desserts because it’s simply too much of a hassle! Individuals with celiac disease often know that it takes extra effort to make gluten-free meals, so they will phone a restaurant ahead of time, so that chefs can make the necessary preparations. But eating gluten-free just because it’s in fashion, is a no-no. Not to mention that gluten-free is not necessarily healthy. You can eat a gluten-free dessert that’s still high in sugar and high in fat. So instead of choosing a gluten-free dessert because you think it’s healthier, choose a dessert you actually WANT to eat.

2. Unicorn food

If you’ve been living under a rock up until now (or perhaps just don’t have Instagram), you might not know what unicorn desserts are. Unicorn desserts are the colorful, tasty treats that look like it’s made from rainbows and unicorn poop. The problem with these desserts is that they contain A LOT of sugar.  So, all that glitter might look pretty, but it does not actually taste better, nor is it healthy. Unless you’re 5 years old, it’s best to leave all the glitter of your cupcakes!

3. Charcoal Foods

There’s been a spike in the amount of black desserts on menus. Black lattes, black ice cream, even black pizzas! There are quite a few claims about charcoal, saying that the ingredient is detoxifying. In other words, it’s seen as ‘healthy’ because it is able to ‘remove toxins’ from the body. But health professionals are not convinced about the so-called health benefits. Charcoal does indeed bind to toxins in the body, but it also binds to vitamins and minerals, removing them from your body. It can also bind to certain medications, making it less effective. Many chefs think that adding charcoal to any food seem to be more of a gimmick, than an actual flavor contribution.  We think this trend needs to go!

4. Gold leaf everything

Once upon a time, putting a gold leaf on a dish was all the rage. But lately, chefs are just tired of seeing overpriced gold leaf decorated meals. It does not contribute to taste, or eve nutrition for that matter. So instead of paying a fortune for a gold leaf decorated burger, spoil yourself by dining out at a fancy restaurant.

What food trend are you tired of? Tell us below!