Read on, to get a heads up on the global dining trends of this year!

We have already stepped in to the New Year and the craze to know what is in store for 2019 is at its peak. Here is the list to get a whiff of the top trends of 2019 pertaining to food.

People will prefer to eat at home. Given the inflated rates of food at fancy dining places, more and more people will choose to stay at home and eat in. In one of the studies, it was found that more than half of the dining expense of people is spent on eating out, which puts an unreasonable burden on people with reasonable income. In another study, it was reported that a majority of millennials do not prefer to cook, which led to an increase in popularity of prepared meals. All of this, along with the amazing food options, numerous online shows to watch, and just a relaxed attitude, will collectively contribute to this trend.

Increase of automation. With increased dependency on robots and automation, you will see a rise in AI powered food ordering system, food prepared by robots, robotic room service delivery, and self-driven bots that will escort customers at the restaurants.

Including marijuana in food preparations. Use of marijuana is now becoming legal in many regions around the world. This will help millennial and food adopters to try out new and interesting stuff using marijuana, which the creative chefs will prepare this year.

Use of motherless meat. Plant based food can never go out of fashion. In the year 2019, you might see an increase in popularity of the lab grown meats. This can help you rethink about the concept of vegetarian and non-vegetarian in the coming year.

Increased number of sour preparations. This year will be all about sour food preparations, particularly with the rise in popularity of Filipino, Korean, and Persian cuisines. In fact, you will see a rise in various food preparations that are based out of tart, sour, and tangy flavors.