What does 2019 hold in store for us in terms of foods and flavors?

While it’s hard to predict exactly what food trends we’ll be experiencing this year, Whole Foods has released a list of the trends it is expecting to see in 2019. These include exciting new flavors, some of which are inspired by the legalization of marijuana, and “fat bombs”!

Read on to find out what new foods you may be trying and buying this year.

1. Flavors from the Pacific Rim

Guava, dragon fruit, dried shrimp, cuttlefish and Filipino sausage longganisa are a few of the tastes of the Pacific Rim countries that may make it big this year.

2. Long-Life Probiotics


Probiotics have been around for a while, with fermented kimchi, sauerkraut and probiotic yogurts being popular. There are now wellness, beauty and cleaning brands trying to add the power of probiotics to their products.

3. More Fat Snacks

The keto, paleo and grain-free lifestyles have encouraged more consumption of fats, and there is a move towards fat-filled convenient treats made with MCT oil powder, and also coconut butter-filled chocolates, as well as a new range of ready-to-drink vegan coffee that’s inspired by butter coffees.

4. Frozen Sweet Treats of a Different Kind

Expect to see new ice-cream bases, such as avocado, hummus, tahini and coconut water. There could also be frozen cheese swirls, Taiwanese snow ice, and Mexican nieves de garrafa on the dessert menu.

5. Veggies of the Sea

Seaweed has seen a rise in popularity, and now there is seaweed butter and kelp noodles on the market.

6. Hemp

CBD oil from cannabis is still banned in food, body care and dietary supplements, but there is a growing trend towards using hemp in the food industry. Food industry trade shows and even local farmer’s markets are joining in the cannabis craze.

7. Veggie Jerky

The desire for plant-based foods is growing, and there is a demand for snacks for those who aren’t only vegan or vegetarian, but would like to taste a range of new savory flavors. Expect to see more vegetable jerky and faux meat snacks in the shops this year.

8. Ethical Food

Animal welfare and environmental care have been a driving force behind consideration in food purchases, but 2019 is likely to go beyond that, with more people-focused ethical food brands.

Kuli Kuli, for instance, employs female farmers, Greyston Bakery has an open-hiring policy, and Cherry Bombe Magazine features women and food in its pages.

9. Eco-Friendly Packaging

Chains are starting to ban straws, single-use packaging is being phased out, and grocery stores are encouraging people to bring their own bags. Expect there to be more environmentally friendly moves in 2019.

10. Gourmet Snacks

Snacking in 2019 is set to be much more than a piece of fruit. Cheese boards, antipasti and artisan snacks look set to become popular as people start to move away from the traditional three meals a day.