Yogurt, cereal bars or white bread: have you always believed they were healthy products? You were wrong. In fact, these 10 foods are extremely harmful to our health, even if no one ever imagined it.

Nutrition is a fundamental element to keep your health under control. There are foods that are good for the brain and foods that reduce the risk of cancer, but there are also foods that are harmful to your health and no one would ever say. We are not talking about fries or junk foods, but about products that we consume every day on our tables. A careful nutritional analysis allows us to easily understand why they could affect the well-being of our body. Let's find out what are the 10 foods that look healthy, but which are not.



Pasta is the basic product of the Mediterranean diet, but too much pasta could be harmful to your body. In fact it is rich in carbohydrates and contains no fibers, mineral salts or vitamins and that is why it would not be a healthy food. It is in fact made with white flour, water and eggs.

White bread

White bread contains the same ingredients as pasta, except that it is cooked differently. Also in white bread, there is a concentrate of farinaceous carbohydrates, which are by no means the best for an healthy eating. Melted cheese – cheese slices and melted cheese are tasty, but also unhealthy. In fact, they contain high amounts of salt which could cause very serious heart problems. Two or three slices of this product exceed our daily salt requirement.

Fruit juice

Usually, we tend to think that a fruit juice can replace fresh fruit.  Actually, this is an absolutely wrong belief. Fruit juices contain many vitamins, but they are also rich in sugars and poor in fruit pulp. So, fruit juices lack of fibers which are necessary to keep the intestine active and in good health.


Peanuts are full of fat and salt. They should be consumed naturally, without added salt. It would be better not to eat too many peanuts, if you do not want to have unwanted effects on your body.

Soy sauce

Replace with some soy sauce some condiments that, in our opinion, are more fat, could be an extremely wrong choice. In fact, it contains high amounts of salt and harmful chemicals for our body.

Dietary soda

Sometimes to lose weight, you prefer to drink diet soda rather than sugary soda. Actually, this product contains artificial sweeteners, such as aspartame, which could increase the risk of suffer from certain diseases.


The ketchup should be tomato-based and therefore rich in antioxidants, which help slow down aging. This product, however, is not as natural as it seems. It has a high amount of sugar and minimizes the presence of antioxidants.

Cereal bars

Cereal bars are usually considered as a nutritious and low-fat snack, very good for staying fit. But actually they are rich in preservatives and they contain the same amount of calories as a healthy snack.


Also yogurt is considered one of the healthiest foods on the market. But unless it is 100% low-fat yogurt, in most cases it contains huge amounts of sugar, which is bad for your health.