Healthy or unhealthy? For many foods we consume on a daily basis this is quite a problem. We all know that some foods are harmful to our health and that we must avoid them if we want to keep fit, but are we really sure that those that are sold to us as healthy and low-calorie foods do not hide any secrets? Dried fruit, muesli and even vegan burgers: we have discovered 10 foods that are actually not as healthy as we think they are and very often preparing them at home can be the best solution.

1. Dried fruit

Recommended as a snack or for those with intense sporting activity: dried fruit is rich in fiber, mineral salts and vitamins. Do you think everything is okay? The answer is not always yes: in fact, over time, dried fruit loses its natural flavor and for this reason, when dried and packaged in industrial production, sugar is added and this thing risks increasing the glycemic index in our blood. The advice to avoid these risks is to dry it at home and consume it in a short time: do not worry if after a few days almonds and raisins take on a darker color, it is a natural process that does not change its nutritional properties.

2. Packaged fruit juices

Fruit should be always present in our daily diet: a fresh fruit juice is a real remedy for any seasonal illness. Be careful though, we said fresh juice: the packaged fruit juices are in fact a real concentrate of sugar which is added to that already naturally present in the fruit. The advice is to avoid frequent consumption and choose fresh fruit, preferably seasonal fruit.

3. Yogurt

Excellent if mixed with fruit or cereals, very often yogurt, even when we buy the "low-calorie" one,  is rich in sugars and proteins that are not always good for our health. However, each rule has its exceptions and in this case it is called Greek yogurt: different from all the other yogurts in consistency and flavor, this type of yogurt contains very few sugars and it is particularly suitable for those who follow a low-calorie diet.

4. Energy drinks

Energy drinks seem the best solution if you need to rehydrate your body after finishing your weekly workout, but also in this case you need to be careful: protein and sports drinks contain an unimaginable quantity of sugars. To replenish mineral salts, there is nothing better than a good glass of simple water: energy drinks in fact, in addition to containing artificial colorants, are also rich in "useless" calories that can lead to weight gain.

5. Vegan burgers

Dear vegetarian friends, we have two news for you: one bad and the other decidedly beautiful. The bad news is that the vegan burgers that we find in supermarkets can contain highly processed vegetable proteins in the industrial production process and they are therefore much less light and healthy than you might think. The good news is that preparing a vegan burger at home is very simple: try for example our lentil burger or the baked millet burger.

6. Muesli

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day and very often we choose muesli to accompany a cup of milk or yogurt: but, despite appearances, this is not always a good idea. Very often in muesli we can find added sugars and fats which do not make it particularly healthy, so why not try to make it at home? Watch out, moreover, for calories: muesli is an highly caloric food.

7. Rice cakes

Apparently among the lightest and low-calorie foods in circulation, actually rice cakes hide many secrets: they are rich in sodium and have a glycemic index that can reach 91, a number far too high for a food that, let’s say it, is also quite unsavory. So do not be fooled, although they contain very few calories, rice cakes are not healthy at all, it is better a slice of whole wheat bread if you are on a diet.

8. Seitan

Seitan is a product of gluten and it is increasingly used as a substitute for meat, excellent in second vegan courses. Consuming it sparingly does not create any problem (unless you are celiac and this another story) but a habitual consumption of seitan is likely to be harmful to our health: gluten is considered in itself an allergene and taking too much can be dangerous to our health.

9. Piadinas

Stuffed piadinas are always good and everyone likes them, but also in the case you must be very careful: industrial processing in fact makes these products rich in fats and calories. The best way to enjoy a good piadina is to prepare it at home: flour, water and a pinch of manual skills are enough.

10. Energy bars

How much sugar can energy bars with cereal, chocolate and syrup contain? The answer is simple: a lot. To the sugar you will have to add a high fat content deriving from the processing or the possible presence of dried fruit or oil: so it is surely better to eat a healthier snack with fresh fruit.