Before you go out to buy the new spice mixture for your foodie friend, read here first. We give you a list of the things they DON’T want and also suggestions on what you should rather buy.

Kitchen linen

Kitchen linen is a great gift (and not just for foodies). But don’t be cheap. If your friend is a foodie, they will likely appreciate good quality kitchen linen. Go for plain colors, or understated designs. Get them in a color you know your friend loves. Better yet, why not buy them a set of napkins of good quality cotton?

Shopping tote

A true foodie loves shopping for fruit and veg at their local farmers market, and the best way to carry groceries is by using a tote bag. With plastic bags becoming less and less popular, this gift is super useful. While we love soft fabric bags, choose canvas if you want a sturdy bag that will last for a long time!

Food covers

Wrapping your leftovers with plastic wrap or foil is so last year! The latest way eco-friendly cooks take care of it, is by using fabric food covers. They are elasticated which means they can easily sit over a bowl of food, and because they’re made form fabric, you can wash and re-use them! It works great for food bloggers and food photographers who often have leftovers to take care of.


We don’t endorse premixes, but it is a good idea to get them a pure, rare or unique spice. This could be something like saffron, sumac, cardamom, garam masala, galangal, etc. It could even be something your friend has never heard of. They will love to experiment with it, and who knows, perhaps they find a new favorite cuisine?

Olive oil

Can you call yourself a real foodie if you don’t have olive oil in your kitchen? It’s an expensive ingredient, but makes all the difference in your cooking. If you know your friend is a serious cook, why not buy them a bottle of high-quality olive oil? Just check the label to make sure it’s not mixed with other oils.

Cast-iron skillet

If you want to give your friend a gift which will last a LONG time (probably their whole lifetime), then why not go for a cast iron skillet. They might be more expensive, but if taken care of correctly, they will last for generations. And any serious cook will tell you it’s an absolute must-have in the kitchen.


Premixed spice packs

If your friend is a foodie, they probably know their stuff in the kitchen and already know how to make their own chili powder, harissa, and ras el hanout. So don’t get them a spice like this and think they will appreciate it. And you should definitely not get them a generic spice like “chicken spice”…that goes without saying.

Weird kitchen tools

You might think that an avo slicer is a must-have, especially if your friend is an avocado lover. But single-use tools are a big no-no. They take up a lot of space (imagine you had an apple slice, avocado slicer, banana slicer…), and can only be used for one single thing. Instead, why not buy them a good quality knife or zester?

Bad wine

We’ve all been there. We forgot to get someone a gift, and quickly pop in store to get the cheapest wine we could find. Don’t do that! If your friend is a foodie, they likely know their wines too. Stay away from canned and boxed wine, and rather shell out a few extra dollars for a good quality Merlot!


If you get your friend a box of chocolates, they will know you couldn’t think of something else. Especially if it’s a supermarket brand! If you absolutely HAVE to get them chocolates, go for a pure, 80% cacao powder chocolate bar. They are considered more high-end, and is usually more expensive.