Read on to know about certain housekeeping hacks that can help save money and time!

Keeping the house clean and tidy is both a necessity and art, which is learned through years of experience. Here are certain hacks passed on by our grandmothers to use the resources productively and effectively.

Seasonal deep cleaning

You can plan deep cleaning of carpets during the spring season, exterior of the house in summers, inside of windows during fall, and flip or vacuum the mattress during winters.

Ironless crisp sheets

Get crisp bed sheets without having to iron them by folding them into a manageable size before they are fully dry and after washing them. Alternatively, you can just run the iron across the top layer of the bedsheet as well.

Using old clothes as rags

Use old linen for cleaning jobs instead of depending on paper towels.

Using shoe polish to wax furniture

Use clear shoe polish to wax the wooden furniture and make it look rich and vibrant.

Drying the windows

Use vertical strokes on one side and horizontal strokes on the other side of the window so that you can easily distinguish on which side you might have not cleaned well enough.

Removing candle spills

Place a bag of ice cubes onto the spilled wax for a minute and then scrape it once it hardens from the floor or furniture.

Washing the walls

Always wash the bathroom wall first from the top and then work your way to the bottom.

Use toothpaste for silverware

Rub toothpaste onto the silverware and then rinse it clean to make it shiny again.

Flour sacks for a towel

Switch flour sacks to dry the dishes without having to worry about the lint.

Freshen your mattress

Freshen-up mattress by putting them under the sunshine for a few hours to kill dust mites and make them fresh and clean once again.