Grow These 10 Plants To Give Your Home A Long-lasting Fragrance

Cultivating plants in your home comes with a myriad of benefits. It is left to you to decide which plant you want to opt for based on your personal needs. If it is giving your home a sweet-smelling fragrance, then we have got you covered. Below are our top 10 recommendations for the most fragrant houseplants.

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These plants not only smell nice, they are also hardy, which makes them perfect for indoor cultivation. You are sure to love every plant on our list; we'll leave you to make the final choice:

Orange Jessamine

The orange jessamine is a tropical evergreen plant commonly grown as a hedge. When they flower, they give off a sweet fragrance that's a unique blend of flowers and citrus notes. The plant's white flowers will add a stunning appeal to any space they are in even better.



Basils are most commonly used to spice food because they augment the taste and add a distinctive fragrance. Their signature sweet smell is long-lasting, making them an excellent houseplant for everyone.


Eucalyptus are flowering trees, and because they are very hardy, they make a good houseplant for beginners. The tree produces leaves that are a special grayish-blue colour; while these look very beautiful, it is important to note that they pose high levels of toxicity if ingested.



Mint leaves are another great way to spice up your meals. They make excellent houseplants if adequately taken care of; they sure love their water and sunlight.

Nurture the mint plants correctly, and you will be rewarded with their rapid growth.


Are you a fan of citrusy scents? Plant a citrus tree! These have some of the most iconic fragrances just perfect for indoor spaces. Their pungent smell is sure to waft about the home leaving your spaces soothing.

And even better, they produce delicious fruits!

Scented Geraniums


Geraniums are distinctive plants; they have a "fuzzy" texture and produce small flowers. What's even most surprising is that geraniums come in various scents: lemon, chocolate, orange, and even nutmeg.


At first glance, the gardenia plant may not catch your attention but a whiff, and you'll be completely taken with it. The scent is very pungent, so you only have to cultivate one plant. However, tending to a garden a plant requires patience and dedication because they require lots of sunlight and humidity.



Lavenders are known for their calming scent. Aside from that, they are very resilient plants, which makes them the perfect fit for people that are new to gardening. Just ensure they are placed in a sunny spot.

Arabian Jasmine

This plant's flowers are gorgeous with their form like stars; they also emit sweet smells. One of the lesser-known facts the flowers is that they can be used to make tea!



Last but not least is the Plumeria. They are not easy to cultivate because they require a constantly humid and warm environment. However, they have many rewarding effects wherever they are placed. Their smell is lovely, and their flowers are literally pure beauties.

Which is your favorite?

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