Starving is known to result in various health problems. Read on to know 10 ways in which starving can badly impact our health.

Starving can result in both physical and mental problems. It is a condition in which there is a severe deficiency of calorie intake that may lead to severe malnutrition and may also permanently damage vital organs of our body. Read on to know about 10 harmful effects of starving.

Malnutrition. Malnutrition is the most dangerous and health damaging effect of starvation. Malnutrition of various nutrients especially vitamins and minerals can impact our health in the worst way possible.

Dehydration. Lack of water during starvation may aggravate various underlying problems such as constipation and dry skin. It can also deplete our body of the precious electrolytes.

Slows the metabolic rate. Starvation can slow down the basal metabolic rate of our body and decrease the flow of blood towards the brain.

Affects the menstrual cycle. Starvation may impact the menstrual cycle as the underweight body may not be able to produce enough estrogen and thus impacts the normal body processes.

Constipation. Anorexic individuals may require laxatives to clear out their colon. In fact, people who starve on purpose also suffer from rectal prolapse because of the overdose of laxatives.

Loss of bone mass. Starvation alters the integrity of bone as it results in fragile bones because of low bone density.

Fatigue. Starvation alters the vitamin balance of our body and slows down the normal physiological processes leading to a feeling of fatigue and dizziness.

Raise in blood pressure. Starvation can increase the blood pressure as during starvation essential nutrients such as potassium are not present in sufficient amounts in our body. This results in high blood pressure and various health problems associated with it.

Electrolyte imbalance. There is a mineral imbalance because of starvation particularly of vital minerals such as sodium, potassium, magnesium, and calcium, which may negatively impact our heart health.

Affects brain health. Starvation may impact cognitive ability and results in a feeling of depression, sadness, irritability, and anxiety.