Eating food in the right way is crucial for proper digestion and to get the best out of food ingredient you have ingested. Read on to know about the various aspects of sitting while eating food!

Somehow in the pace of getting things done, we tend to put the most important elements of our life on the back seat, especially when it comes to eating food! No, it is not the food menu that we are talking about, but the rush in which most of us gobble up the food. Read on to know why it is important to sit down while having your meals.

In the rush to finish our meal, we do not sit down to eat anymore (most of the time) and it has started to badly affect our spine and mental well-being.

When we eat while standing, we tend to overeat and the food is digested slower than usual.

Sitting while eating has been scientifically proven to offer health benefits and is thus encouraged by the doctors and scientists as well.

When you sit down, you sort of practice a yogic posture by squatting or stretching your legs and bending to take the food. This works up the abdominal muscles to secrete digestive juices and thus improves food digestion.

If practiced regularly, squatting down while eating can make you more flexible as the pelvic and back muscles are stretched and this ensures less muscular pain.

While standing up to eat you tend to overeat as you lose a track of the food portions, which may lead to gain of body weight. Also, while sitting down to eat you are doing some light form of physical activity that will help to lose the excess body weight (whatever little).

Sitting down to eat meals is the best time to catch up with the family and communicate. In this world driven by technology, it is an absolute necessity that we improve our communication with family members to have a positive mental health.

While standing to eat food, we tend to hunch or crouch, which has a negative impact on our spine and body posture. However, it is equally important that you should be watchful of your body posture while sitting down as well.

The blood circulation is improved when you sit down to eat food, which makes the heart stronger. Also, while sitting cross-legged to eat meals you ease the blood pressure around your heart by relaxing the nerves and enabling proper digestion of food.

When you are sitting to eat food you are unconsciously practicing the yoga posture, sukhasana, which calms the nerves, relieves stress, and aids in digestion.