Have you always had breakfast with croissants, pancakes and toasts? Probably your choice was wrong. This is why you should avoid consuming carbohydrates when you wake up.

Do you love having breakfast with croissants, pancakes and toasts? Be careful, you could put your figure at risk. Although we have always believed that eating carbohydrates in the morning was the right choice to feel energetic and strong, this habit could actually have negative consequences on your body. This is why it would be better to focus on foods that contain "good carbohydrates" that avoid changes in blood sugar levels.

The foods to eat for breakfast

According to Shauna Sacco, a famous dietitian and personal trainer in Houston, Texas, the morning is the worst time of day to eat carbohydrates, even if croissants, pancakes, toasts and pastries are all very tempting. The reason is very simple: these are foods that contain refined carbohydrates that, even if they give energy to the body, they also cause a disproportionate increase in blood sugar. On the contrary, instead, you will have to focus on a balanced meal, in order to acquire energy and, at the same time, to maintain a constant level of sugar in the blood.

The best is therefore to enjoy a breakfast of cereals and "good" carbohydrates contained in fruit and vegetables, avocados or bacon. Of course, this is not an equal rule for everyone, each of us has a body that reacts differently and that also needs different foods. Before making some drastic choices, eliminating some foods from your diet, it would be better to contact a nutritionist, so as to better understand what our needs are.