While breakfast is deemed as the most important meal of the day, if not planned wisely it may turn out to be quite expensive as well. Read on to know about 10 ways in which you may save spending frivolously on the breakfast.

You might not even realize but you can enjoy a healthy and filling breakfast meal without even stepping out of your home. So, just follow these very simple tips to curb your appetite and save those precious paper rectangles for a better purpose. Read on to know more about it.

Boil eggs yourself

Save the precious money by boiling eggs at home itself instead of buying expensive hard boiled eggs. You can also save more money by buying them by the dozen instead of picking them individually. To save further, boil a few of them together and store in the fridge.

Stock the fridge well

Prepare fresh and quick breakfast meal yourself such as waffles, burritos, parfait, and sandwiches for a healthier and cheaper alternative to the ridiculously expensive pre-packed meal that you have to defrost.

Prepare smoothie yourself

Blend a smoothie yourself from the stored fresh or frozen fruits and vegetables instead of buying an expensive one.

Brew coffee yourself

Make the morning coffee yourself as an economical alternative to the outrageously expensive ones available at coffee shops.

Carry your coffee mug

Some coffee shops offer a discount if the customer brings their own mugs. So always carry one to save, however little it may be, a sum that may amount to a big number over the time.


Eat fruits for breakfast

Simply just eat fruits to nourish your body with a quick and super healthy meal on the go! Eating fruits is the quickest and cheapest way to sum up a meal. So, just stock your fridge with plenty of fresh fruits of your choice.

Prepare granola yourself

It is an irrationally overpriced food item that you can very easily prepare for yourself. Find online a quick granola recipe that you wish to prepare over the weekend and then stock it safely.

Buy yogurt in bulk

Buy bulk packets of the food ingredients that you can ration for an entire week or as per your requirements. This will definitely turn out to be a more economical option.

Savor the leftovers

The easiest breakfast preparation is to make scrambled eggs with the previous night’s leftovers. This will be a quick way to prepare a hearty meal and save the food from turning bad by lying in the fridge for many days.

Join the loyalty program

Some of the food shops reward their loyal customers with many attractive deals such as free food and beverages, which can be your last resort to save the precious penny!