Have you ever wondered what eating is like in the White House? Well, look no further than the First Lady, who may choose to influence the menu or otherwise actively.

In descending order of their dates of tenure, we have listed 11 First Ladies and what they liked to eat best while in the White House.

1. Jacqueline Kennedy: Poached Salmon

Jacqueline Kennedy is well-known for her select preferences when it came to fashion, but did you know that she loved even her food fancy. Jacqueline is credited for bringing class and French style to the White House kitchen; her favorite food was poached salmon, lamb, and haricots vert, followed by some ice cream dessert.

2. Lady Bird Johnson: Pecan Pie

Lady Bird actively supported her husband by doling out her foolproof pecan pie recipe to prospective voters while traveling down South. It was a heartwarming gesture as the pecan pie is said to be her favorite treat.

3. Pat Nixon: Meat Loaf

easy meatloaf

Pat Nixon and her husband, Richard Nixon, the 37th President of the United States, loved meatloaf. This was perhaps because Pat would take special care to prepare it using ground beef, white bread, and marjoram.

4. Betty Ford: Waffles

Betty Ford loved the simple American food and most particularly favored budget-friendly meals like a spread of waffles, pure maple syrup, strawberries, and orange juice.

5. Rosalynn Carter: Cheese Ring

Rosalynn Carter was known for her Cheddar-Pecan Cheese Ring recipe, which made a perfectly sweet and salty cheese ring. Her secret ingredient? Strawberry preserves!

6. Nancy Reagan: Red Velvet Cheesecake

It is hard to determine what Nancy Reagan's favorite meal was, but since she loved red so much, it is believed that she would have loved red velvet ANYTHING!

7. Barbara Bush: Quiche

spinach quiche

One of the most popular things Barbara Bush was known for was her talent in the kitchen. She loved quiches, and her mushroom quiche mainly stole hearts across the States.

8. Hillary Rodham Clinton: Lamb

Hilary Clinton loves to eat lamb, and she is known for her advocacy that a mix of American food and global cuisine, as well as healthy menus, be served at the White House.

9. Laura Bush: Cowboy Cookies

Laura Bush is popularly known for her cowboy cookies, and they happen to be her favorite thing to eat!

10. Michelle Obama: Garden Vegetables

The former First Lady is a passionate advocate of healthy eating, so it makes no surprise that her favorite food items are vegetables.

11. Melania Trump: Oatmeal

Melania Trump also appears to pay attention to healthy eating. She loves breakfast but enjoys it best when it is a bowl of oatmeal or a nutritious smoothie.