Read on to know about some healthy foods that can help you get a nice tan on the skin!

Summer season is the time to get a lovely skin tan. But, the struggle is to avoid the harmful effects of UV-rays that can cause skin cancer and promote skin aging. Luckily, some of the foods we eat offer similar glow to the skin that resembles a beautiful beach tan.

Sweet potato

It is rich in carotenoids, which is responsible for the natural tanning effect on the skin.


These are rich in vitamin A and carotenoids, which improves eyesight, boosts immunity, protects the skin from sun damage, and leaves a lovely tanning effect on the skin.


This one also has a good amount of carotenoids, apart from many other nutrients, that can enhance the skin tone.


Eat this juicy fruit in the summer season to maintain the electrolyte balance of body, hydrate the skin, and boost your carotenoid intake.


It is rich in vitamin C, which boosts immunity, enhances collagen production, and helps to improve the skin color along with the abundant carotenoids present in this vegetable.


It is rich in carotenoids and fiber that helps to maintain the skin and digestive health.


Rich in vitamin K and carotenoids, this vegetable helps to maintain bone health, improves blood circulation, and gives a better-looking skin.



This fruit is rich in carotenoids and various other antioxidants that promote skin health and prevents many types of cancers.

Red bell pepper

 It contains vitamin A, vitamin C, and carotenoids, which helps to achieve that beautiful bronze color on the skin.


Lycopene and carotenoids in tomatoes help to prevent many health conditions apart from giving a much-desired tanning color on the skin.


It contains a very high amount of potassium and carotenoids that do immense good to the body and skin.