We all love our pets and always try to feed them the best. However, there are certain foods that are really healthy for humans but doesn’t work well for the canines. Read on to know about 11 food products that you should never feed to the dogs.

Pets are like just the babies, but of different species! They always need to be cared for and fed healthy food. People owning pets must have noticed that the dogs are drawn towards all kind of food that are prepared or available in the kitchen. Surprisingly, not all food products that are harmless for us can work for the dogs too. Here is a list of 11 summer food products that shouldn’t be given to the dogs ever.


This is a very toxic fruit for dogs and can trigger vomiting and even failure of the kidneys.


It is best to avoid it altogether as it contains a compound called persin that can be highly toxic for dogs. This compound is present in all parts of avocado, that is, flesh, pit, and skin, which means not to feed even guacamole to canines.


Splinter bones

Not all kind of bones are safe for dogs as rib bones, chicken bones, T-bones etc. tend to splinter easily and can harm the dogs tremendously if accidentally swallowed by them.


Avoid feeding fatty food to the pups like bacon and meat scraps as it can cause pancreatitis in them. Bacon is also high in salt and can harm the dogs.

deep fried bacon


Not many people are aware that chocolates are very toxic for dogs and should never be fed to them.



Garlic is extremely toxic for the fur balls as it can lead to anemia and its side effects such as pale gums, weakness, and an increased heart rate in dogs.


Ice cream

Though, it can be fed in moderation once in a while but you must try to completely avoid feeding them this and rather treat them with some frozen berries.


It can lead to worse kind of side effects as consumption of alcohol by dogs result in vomiting, diarrhea, and breathing problems.

Macadamia nuts

These nuts are highly poisonous for dogs as it affects their nervous system and can lead to vomiting, lethargy, and raised body temperature.

Peach and plum

The pulp of the fruit is fine but you should be careful that the canine does not pop the entire fruit at once in the mouth and choke on pit of the fruit. Apart from that, the pit can block their intestine and is also poisonous as it contains cyanide.


Never feed your dog iced coffee as the methylated xanthine present in it can harm their nervous system and lead to vomiting, heart palpitations, and restlessness.