Here is a list of some really effective and commonly available kitchen essentials that can substitute even the most expensive beauty product or skin and hair treatment.

With a majority of the population reaching out for organic and herbal alternatives, beauty is no exception. More and more people are looking out for natural and chemical free alternatives to enhance their beauty. Here are a few beauty solutions that you may find in your kitchen itself.

Apple cider vinegar. ACV effectively balances the acidity of hair, prevents hair damage, and removes any shampoo residue to make your hair smooth, strong, and shiny. Apply ACV to wet hair for 10 minutes before rinsing them well. It also possesses antiseptic and antibacterial property that balances skin pH and settles any irritation, redness, and cures acne. Use it as a toner by mixing 1 part of ACV in 4 parts of water.

Avocado. This fruit hydrates the skin really well and makes it soft and supple. You may apply a pack of mashed avocado with little lemon juice and rolled oats to moisturize your hands and skin.

Baking soda. A paste of baking soda and ACV effectively treats dandruff as it fixes the pH balance of the scalp and exfoliates dead skin.

Cucumber. Use cold slices of cucumber to effectively treat red and puffy eyes.


Eggs. Use whipped egg white or prepare a mixture of 1 egg yolk with 1 tablespoon of olive oil over hair to make them strong, healthy, and shiny. Rinse and shampoo the hair after putting this mask for 10 minutes.


Potato. Cold potato slices when placed over eyes for 15 minutes can effectively clear the dark circles.

Lemon. Lemon juice acts as a great exfoliant and is antibacterial in nature. Fresh lemon juice, when applied on face, helps to balance the pH of the skin and shrink skin pores.


Honey. Particularly, manuka honey has antibacterial and anti-inflammatory property and can be used to reduce puffiness and redness of the skin, and settle acne. It also hydrates the skin well and makes it smooth. You may either apply it over your face for 10 minutes and then rinse with water or regularly include it in your diet.


Yogurt. It calms the skin and makes it soft and supple as it has antibacterial properties and can effectively rejuvenate the skin. Apply a mask of 1 tablespoon each of yogurt and manuka honey over your skin to cure discoloration and premature aging.

Sugar. It can be used as an alternative to expensive lip and body scrubs when mixed with coconut oil.


Olive oil. It can be used as an alternative to make up remover as it will also maintain the natural oil balance of the skin.