Here is a list of 12 food products that you should never consume while traveling in a plane!

While there is a huge list of food options that are available on planes, still there are some or let’s say about 12 food products that you must not consume while flying. Read on to know more about these food products and why you should avoid eating them.

Garlic. The compound allyl methyl disulfide present in garlic is the culprit behind the lingering garlicky breath, which is removed from our body in around 24 hours. In case you have consumed some within this time frame, eat an apple or chew a few fresh mint leaves to deodorize your breath.

Alcohol. Alcoholic beverages are dehydrating in nature and consumption of alcohol while flying, which in itself is quite dehydrating, may increase the risk of dehydration.


Dried fruits. Most of the dried fruits contain sulfites that may trigger an asthmatic attack and with lower oxygen levels in the plane, one may experience difficulty in breathing.

Coffee and dark chocolate. High caffeine content acts as a diuretic that may not only trouble your neighbor with the frequent bathroom trips but also leach out sodium, potassium, and fluids from your body, leading to muscular cramps, and headaches.

Blue cheese. This may trigger allergic symptoms in people who do not tolerate milk too well, which includes breathing difficulty and gastrointestinal problems.

Nuts. People who are allergic to nuts may get exposed to allergens when the bag of peanuts is opened as the air is recycled inside the plane.

Salami. It is high in histamine and may trigger an attack of sinusitis and nasal allergy in people who are sensitive to histamines.

salami tomato rolls

Water. The tea and coffee prepared in airlines are made using the tap water, which is definitely not the safest water to consume. Always carry your own bottle and sip on the hot beverages once you are on the land.

Beans and lentils. These legumes are gaseous in nature and change in cabin pressure expands the abdominal gases, which may leave you bloated and your tummy rumbling.

Breakfast sandwich. This combination of biscuits with ham and eggs may shoot the blood pressure as it is pretty high in sodium content. So, avoid consuming this because while flying the low oxygen level anyways put an additional pressure on your heart.

montecristo sandwich

Carbonated beverages. These aerated drinks may increase the formation of gas in the stomach and make breathing difficult while flying as the oxygen levels are pretty low in planes. It is better if you stick to sipping on water to stay hydrated while flying.


Popcorn. The rustle of the popcorn bag, strong smell of butter and spices, increased flatulence, and all of this coupled with your buttery fingers is certainly not a very convenient scenario for everyone in flight. Instead, opt for some healthy chips or trail mix.