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12 healthy snacks that you can eat post dinner

Here are 12 healthy snacks that you may eat while planning to lose weight.

By Cookist

Read on to know about 12 healthy snack foods that you can eat for bedtime mini meal while planning to lose weight.

While most of the weight loss diet plans feed enough to keep you full for the entire day, sometimes one tends to feel hungry at night and finds it difficult to sleep with constant hunger pangs troubling the night away. Here are 12 healthy snacks that you may eat while planning to lose weight.

Greek yogurt

It is a high protein and low sugar food (unsweetened variety) that can fill you well without hampering your weight loss diet plan.



This fruit has melatonin, which helps to regulate sleep. Apart from this, cherries can also satisfy the sweet tooth and are also rich in antioxidants.

Peanut butter toast

Eat peanut butter smeared on a whole grain bread to help you sleep fast (as it contains tryptophan), and fill you up with good nutrients without making you eat unhealthy calories.


Protein shakes

Have some protein shake before sleeping, if you prefer to go to the gym during the evening hours.

Cottage cheese

Cottage cheese is a great bedtime snack as casein present in it keeps you full during the night and tryptophan helps to sleep faster.



Tryptophan present in turkey makes you sleep fast. It is also a low calorie and high protein food source that can keep you full through the night.


Bananas are a perfect savior for people with sweet tooth. It has tryptophan that helps you sleep fast and its high fiber content eases out your morning hassle.


Chocolate milk

It is an ideal weight loss beverage as it is high in calcium, tryptophan, and tastes yummy too. Just avoid adding sugar or unhealthy sugar alternative to it.


It is the fermented milk that is loaded with probiotics and tryptophan.



These are high in protein and fiber and can also help to lose excess body weight.

High fiber cereal

Eat a bowl of fibrous cereal to enjoy a sound sleep. Add some calcium and tryptophan to your late night snack by adding some skimmed milk to it.


String cheese

It is quite a filling snack and has plenty of tryptophan that can help you sleep fast.

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